The Society for the Study of Maritime Resources has been a member of the R + D + i area of ​​the European research and innovation platform for the naval industry since its constitution.

Madrid, April 15, 2021. The technical director of the SOERMAR Technology Center (Society for the Study of Maritime Resources), Alfonso M. Carneros Lozano, participated yesterday on behalf of this entity in the Ordinary General Assembly of Waterborne Technology Platform, the European research and innovation platform for the naval industry, held in digital format due to the pandemic.

The General Assembly approved the draft of the meeting agenda on March 19, the 2020 financial report, addressed the entry of new members and requested that the candidates to the Board of Directors have extensive experience, establishing the dynamics of the process of election of the new members of the Board of Directors.

SOERMAR has been a member of the European platform since its constitution. He has been collaborating with her for 15 years, actively participating in the preparation of the technical documents prepared by Waterborne and providing the representation of the R & D & I interests of the medium and small Spanish shipyards that comprise it. In addition, it proposes lines of research to develop the technological challenges demanded by society in the maritime field and transfers the needs of shipyards and their auxiliary industry.

This activity is in line with the usual one of SOERMAR, which, through its Technological Center and its Foundation, focuses on the development of R + D + i projects, on improving the efficiency of Spanish shipyards to increase their competitiveness and in supporting its shareholders and employers in all aspects related to quality, organization, training, design, the environment or regulations, among others.

Waterborne is aimed at establishing a continuous dialogue between all parties involved in the shipbuilding industry, such as classification societies, shipbuilders, shipowners, maritime equipment manufacturers, infrastructure and service providers, universities or research institutes and the institutions of the EU, including Member States. Both countries with a coastline and others that only have inland navigation are part of the platform. In total, about 17 states are represented. Furthermore, the associations that are part of Waterborne represent the broader shipbuilding sector in the entire EU.

Among the main strategic objectives of the platform, it is also found to contribute to the broadest possible consensus in relation to R&D, as well as to develop a common vision of it in the medium and long term and a strategic research agenda. On the other hand, it also contributes to the adequate mobilization and allocation of the necessary financial resources (private / regional / national / EU sources) and to the fulfillment of social expectations regarding clean, competitive and safe water transport, and other related activities. with water, including education and training.

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