The Society for the Study of Maritime Resources announced the event during a meeting with the general director of Industry and SMEs after the celebration of its Council and its Board of Trustees.

Madrid, March 24, 2021. SOERMAR (Society for the Study of Maritime Resources) will hold a conference on naval technology in May in which all the R + D + i projects in which it is participating will be presented. This was announced yesterday by Eva Novoa, its general director, during the meeting with the general director of Industry, Galo Gutiérrez, which followed the meeting of its Board and its Board of Trustees. The day has not yet been assigned a date, but an attempt will be made to coincide with the General Shareholders’ Meeting of the entity scheduled for May 26.

During the meeting with the public official, Eva Novoa thanked her for attending the meeting and highlighted the importance of the new royal decree regulating aid to the shipbuilding sector in terms of research and development and innovation. The General Director of Industry was convinced that “the new royal decree will be a useful instrument to encourage innovation in shipyards” and explained that there are quite a few pending projects.

On the other hand, Alfonso Carneros, technical director of SOERMAR, presented to the representative of the Ministry of Industry the latest projects in which the entity is working. Specifically, he referred to the European project SEABAT (Solutions for large batteries for maritime transport), in which there are 14 other participants, began on January 1 and will last four years. He also commented on two proposals under preparation within Horizon Europe: one on innovative energy-saving solutions on board ships and another on digital twin models to enable ships to go green in their operations, due to be presented in September.

Regarding national projects, Carneros listed several feasibility studies and R&D projects, but made a special point of the Green Hidrogen Cantabria, carried out in collaboration with the Cantabria Maritime Cluster (Marca) and which is housed within the framework of the Hydrogen Plan of the Government of Cantabria. The project, which originates from a technical feasibility study to create a hydrogen fuel cell for the production of electrical energy for shipyards, has the objective of generating three pilots: the development of a green hydrogen generation system, the a refueling infrastructure for vehicles and an infrastructure for supplying electricity by means of a fuel cell. Some objectives that, according to the technical director of SOERMAR, would be carried out in three phases. In the first, in which green energy would be obtained, generation, primary storage and transportation would be carried out. The second would correspond to the storage and elaboration of the fuel cell for buildings, industry, etc. And in the third, hydrogenerators would be put into operation to supply power to buses and other types of vehicles. “It would be the first link in the value chain to create a green hydrogen ecosystem in Cantabria and expand its use,” Carneros highlighted.

SOERMAR’s activity, through its Technology Center and its Foundation, focuses on the development of R + D + i projects, on improving shipyard efficiency to increase their competitiveness and on supporting its shareholders in all areas. aspects related to quality, organization, training, design, environment or regulation, among others.


SOERMAR is the Society for the Study of Maritime Resources, an entity made up of the SOERMAR Technological Center and the SOERMAR Technological Center Foundation. Its shareholders and employers are 18 of the main small and medium-sized private Spanish shipyards. Its objective is to improve the competitiveness of shipyards by increasing the efficiency of their industrial activity. For this, its work focuses on the development of R & D & i projects, training and support to shipyards in technical and technological matters, as well as in areas such as quality, organization of production, training, documentation, dissemination, legislation, design or environment. It is also its representative before the different public institutions. At the same time, it encourages and develops cooperative research between shipyards and companies related to shipbuilding and the maritime sector. 

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