The European project SHIPLYS (Ship life cycle software solutions) is a three-year project starting in September 2016 which it will be research project and will be funded by the European Union Research and Innovation Framework Program HORIZON 2020, which has the Spanish participation of the SOERMAR Foundation and ASTANDER as beneficiaries. The project is in response to needs of SME naval architects, shipbuilders and ship-owners, who in order to survive in the world market require to:

  • Improve their capability to reduce the time and costs of design and production
  • Develop the ability to reliably produce better ship concepts through virtual prototyping
  • Meet the increasing requirements for LCCA (Life Cycle Cost Analysis), environmental assessments, risk assessments and end-of-life considerations as differentiators.

SOERMAR and ASTANDER participate in the research work identifying and defining the needs and priorities of the sector. They will contribute to the development and validation of rapid prototyping tools for design and production planning and they will cooperate with partners in the integration and validation of Life Cycle Analysis tools. Details about the project can be found here. (