Green Hydrogen

Feasibility study for the production and storage

The SOERMAR Foundation and the Technological Center, together with Freire Shipyard S.A., Astilleros de Santander, S.A.U. and Astilleros de Mallorca, SA, is carrying out a feasibility study in which the possibility of implementing a set of production and storage of “Green Hydrogen” that will feed a fuel cell for energy generation is being analysed, covering part of the energy demand of the shipyards.


Position the Spanish shipyards as a European benchmark in the production and generation of 100% clean and renewable energy, in line with the environmental objective that is intended to be achieved in 2030, both by the European Union and by the UN, which is reflected in its 2030 Agenda.


Develop a “Green Hydrogen” production and storage system.


Generate extensive knowledge related to the production and storage of hydrogen,which will allow shipyards to be at the European forefront, giving rise to their active participation within the calls related to the naval energy sector that arise within the European R & D & I program HORIZON EUROPE.