In 1988, the need to apply technology in the manufacture of fishing vessels led to the creation of the Soermar Technology Center,which would help small and medium-sized shipyards in the design and construction of vessels with the most advanced technology in the sector.

In 2002 the Soermar Technological Center Foundation was established, the purpose of which will be to seek new lines of joint action in Technical and Technological matters that improve the competitiveness of the Shipyards.

The main lines of action of both entities are based on:


Prepare Research,
Development and Innovation projects
both at national and European level.


Support shipyards and companies in the maritime sector in the application of new technologies: industry 4.0, cloud computing, Big Data, robotization, artificial intelligence, with new business models, designing smart, energy-efficient ships and devices, connected and non-polluting that will modernize maritime transport.


Analyse new emerging technologies and their application within the maritime sector.


Promote all those actions that may result in a competitive improvement of shipyards and companies in the maritime sector through an increase in the efficiency of their industrial activity.


Support to companies in the maritime sector in the search for financial aid and instruments for the materialization of R + D + i projects.

Likewise, the C.T. Soermar actively collaborates in the academic field through the Soermar-UPM Chair,developing technical conferences, promoting collaboration between university and business through scholarship programs, awards, webinars, etc.

In the specific field of R&D&I of the Naval Industry, the Private Shipyards have authorized Soermar to represent and interlocate in defence of their interests, actively collaborating with the European, national and regional public administrations.

A total of 19 Shipyards make up the Technology Center and the Foundation, establishing the lines of action annually through their Governing Bodies.


Eva María Novoa Rojas | Directora General SOERMAR

Eva María Novoa Rojas

General Director

Alfonso Manuel Carneros Lozano | Director Técnico SOERMAR

Alfonso Manuel Carneros Lozano

Technical Director

Anny Vargas | Responsable de Contabilidad y Administración SOERMAR

Anny Vargas

Head of Accounting and Administration

Cayetano Hoyos Matías | Ingeniero de Proyectos SOERMAR

Cayetano Hoyos Matías

Project Engineer