We accumulate more than 20 years of experience in the management and development of R&D&I projects of shipyards. It is time to join forces and synergies with the rest of the companies in the maritime sector, to achieve the competitiveness of the sector, launching projects of greater depth.

In this sense, the Soermar Foundation and the Soermar Technological Centerwill accompany the companies throughout the process, from the initial definition and search for partners to the completion of the set objectives, including technical and administrative management, technological development, as well as all the applicable aid and corresponding tax deductions.

The Foundation and the Soermar Technology Center carry out feasibility and market studies to support companies in making strategic decisions, to consolidate within a market niche or to access potentially attractive new markets.





The Foundation and Technological Center Soermar has developed the Strategic R&D&I Plan for Medium and Small Shipyards that aims to achieve the following fundamental objectives in the short and medium term:

Develop and enhance theindustrial leadership of technological capabilities.

Encourage the creation of new market opportunities and new business models.

Favour the incorporation and training of human resources in the R&D&I area.

Promote an R&D&I model with wide dissemination of results.

Promote the potential impact of R&D&I to benefit society’s challenges, actions to preserve the environment and sustainable development.

Effectively take advantage of the incentive effect of R&D&I policies andfinancing at regional, state and European level.

The Soermar Foundation and the Technological Center carry out feasibility studies, research and development projects, technological investment projects and training programs in new technologies, as part of the development of the Strategic Plan.

R&D&i Strategic Plan for SMALL AND MEDIUM Shipyards. (Spanish version)
Vision 2030