The diversity of participating companies is essential to be able to develop each phase of the project.

• The diversity of participating companies is essential to be able to develop each phase of the project.
• This consortium opens the opportunity for Cantabria to participate in the production of green hydrogen as a fuel and source of energy
• The initiative, developed in collaboration with SOERMAR, has an estimated budget of 6.2 million euros and an approximate execution period of between 32 and 36 months.

Twenty-four companies and entities with common interests have come together to form a consortium created by the Cantabria Maritime Cluster – MarCA to carry out the renewable energy project “Green Hidrogen Cantabria”. This initiative, developed in collaboration with the Foundation and Technological Center of the Medium and Small Shipyards SOERMAR and presented virtually last March, was born as a unique project in Cantabria with the aim of promoting the use of green hydrogen as fuel in the industrial fabric of the community, a direct commitment to environmental decarbonisation. In this sense, the initiative aims to build a green hydrogen generation plant in the region, which also has a chain for the storage, distribution and application of this energy source in various industrial areas.

For its execution, the consortium estimates a necessary budget of 6.2 million euros and a completion period of between 34 and 36 months.

The entities attached to ‘Green Hidrogen Cantabria’ belong to various sectors, thus being in charge of executing a wide variety of activities to promote the development of the project in a collaborative way. It is a cross-cutting initiative that is open to the participation of all stakeholders, from design and production engineering to the distribution and application of green hydrogen.

‘Green Hydrogen Cantabria’ gives the region the opportunity to develop the production of this energy source in a profitable manner. The Government of Cantabria, with its regional strategy, is already betting on hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels, so investigating the industrial utility of gas in the community is a unique opportunity to be a national benchmark. TThe region has the solar resources, the knowledge in wind energy and the existence of specialized renewable energy companies necessary to take the lead in industrial decarbonization.

In addition, the use of green hydrogen can be a major boost to the blue economy. As reported by SOERMAR during the presentation of the ‘Green Hydrogen Cantabria’ project, the potential of hydrogen for 2030 is estimated in a volume
business of 1,300 million euros in the national market and the creation of 227,000 jobs. The presentation ceremony, held on March 17 in a virtual way, had the registration of almost a hundred people, a wide reception derived
of the uniqueness of the project.

Entities attached to the consortium

Over the last few weeks, twenty-four companies and organizations have contacted the Cantabria Maritime Cluster to form part of the consortium that will promote the “Green Hidrogen Cantabria” project and will make the initiative become a real event.

We list below the organizations that make up ‘Green Hidrogen Cantabria’:

  • Framatome Spain
  • Grupo FAED
  • Avancem
  • Montajes Gomur
  • IH Cantabria
  • Estudio de Fluidos
  • Marine Project Managment
  • Bureau Veritas
  • Coflucam
  • Motusa
  • Trabede
  • WSP Spain
  • Siemens Energy
  • Equipos Nucleares
  • Fernandez Jove
  • Astander
  • Newtesol
  • Caymo Maintenance
  • Iberdrola Clientes
  • CIC Consulting Informatico
  • DNV GL
  • ITEC
  • Centro Tecnológico CTC
  • Vila Electroquimica

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