WORKSHOP – AENEAS – innovAtive ENErgy storage systems onboArd vesselS

Next October 6, the first Stakeholder workshop of the European AENEAS project will be held, financed by the European program HORIZON EUROPE

Which will take place in Valencia, Spain, in which the latest developments and advances achieved will be presented, as well as the challenges and results that are intended to be achieved with the project. Within the project, the Soermar Foundation participates as a partner along with one of its shipyards, Construcciones N.P. Freire.

AENEAS will provide solutions to improve overall energy efficiency and drastically lower energy consumption of waterborne transport vessels, founded upon innovative electric energy storage, which is safe and cost competitiveness compared to traditional batteries. To achieve this, AENEAS will develop three electrical Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) for waterborne transport, which are advanced beyond the traditional battery systems including: 

  • Solid-state batteries (SSB) for constant load waterborne transport applications. 
  • Supercapacitors (SC) for water-borne transport applications for shaving of power peak demands and peaks during loading.  
  • Hybrid system, which combines SSB and SC for waterborne transport applications requiring high energy and power density energy storage solutions.  

The AENEAS consortium unites all the necessary expertise for developing the three innovative electric Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) and implementing it in the industry. FLANDERS MAKE, ABEE, CEA, SIEMENS and I2M as leading experts in designing and developing energy storage and power systems. GRIMALDI, INLAND SHIPPING, FREIRE SHIPYARD and SOERMAR as end users that will implement the new technology. VAASAN YLIOPISTO, ARISTOTELIO PANEPISTIMIO THESSALONIKIS and ISSNOVA as experts in research and technological transfer in the fields of battery technology and power electronics converters. Finally, FORMARE and FUNDACION VALENCIA PORT as service provider for the project management and the dissemination & exploitation strategy, focused on making sure that the key messages reach the relevant target groups.

Meeting Agenda

Day 2 – 10/06/2023

Stakeholder workshop

09:3010:1545 min.Welcome and Coffee break
10:1512:302 h 15 min.1st part of the Workshop

20 min.Welcome and AENEAS general presentationFM

20 min.WP1 presentationGRIM

20 min.WP2 presentationSIE
11:1511:3015 min.Coffee Break

20 min.ZEWT presentationJaap Gebraad

20 min.WP3 presentationCEA

10 min.WP4 presentationFM

10 min.WP5 presentationUVA

30 min.Q&A sessionALL
13:0014:001 h.Lunch break
14:0015:501 h. 50 min2nd part of the Workshop

20 min.SEABAT presentationSOER

20 min.BEPA presentationJesse Terry 

20 min.MBF presentationSyb ten Cate Hoedemaker

30 min.Q&A session ALL

30 min.Group discussionALL

Closing of 1st AENEAS WorkshopFM / I2M

Cristina García Alonso

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Alberto Mendoza

678 94 60 40